Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent protective layer that is hand applied to your vehicles paint. It is made up of many components such as silica, quartz, polysilazane, carborundum, & Si02. With its high solid, high surface tension and low surface energy; not as much dirt will stick to the extremely slick surface. Water will bead up and sheet off the paint creating a self cleaning hydrophilic effect. The hard ceramic layer will dramatically minimize scratching, fading from the sun & always look glossy or shiny.  The only way to remove a ceramic coating is abrasion (compounding or sanding) it wont wear off after a few months like traditional carnauba wax will, Coatings last for years! Its an investment similar to switching to synthetic oil. It will save you money in the long term because you don’t have to wax your car ever again!


Best Ceramic Option - DURABILITY 7 YEARS$2000

If nothing but the best will do, then we have options for you! The Elite Ceramic Coating consists of two separate parts – an extremely thick and hard inorganic base coat and a super hydrophobic organic top coat. Both of them combine together during the application to form one durable protective layer, resistant to tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion, oxidation, chemicals and mechanical damage.


Better Ceramic Option - DURABILITY 5 YEARS$1500

Our professional grade ceramic options are only available thru certified, trained & accredited companies. We have spent time in Memphis, Atlanta & Pennsylvania participating in trainings to be able to offer these coatings to you. Consumers can not order or apply these coatings because they do require more knowledge, preparation, attention & time to apply properly. This coating option will give far better results than an entry level coating option because it is more concentrated. We need the vehicle overnight for proper dry & cure time.

Ask about adding on a Top Coat layer for $250


Good Ceramic Option - DURABILITY 2 YEARS$950

If you are looking for similar benefits of a pro-grade ceramic coating but are staying in a budget then we have a solution for you. We can offer an industry standard ceramic coating for a reasonable price. This option should protect your paint for up to two years but would require a little more maintenance annually to take care of it.


Ceramic Maintenance Detail$195

The Shine & Protect is the most basic service we offer but its not your typical wash either. Your car gets a quality hand wash, wheel cleaning, and a sealant is used to dry the vehicle. This will provide protection on your paint for an extra three months. We also clean door jambs, trim & glass. Finally we spend some time inspecting your ceramic coating and doing any touch ups or repairs if needed which is included in the price. This service takes an hour.

  • Light interior cleaning ( vacuum, wipedown, glass cleaned)  can be added on for $50

This service can be scheduled monthly, quarterly or annually



Coating Refresh Package$600+

Ceramic Coatings are intended to protect your paint for years but nothing in life is perfect and the reality is that your ceramic coating will wear out over time. We have come up with a solution to save you some money, keep your vehicle looking its best and protected. If your coating is expected to last five years and you are keeping your vehicle for at least ten years, Then we have the perfect package. Instead of waiting for the coating to wear off and starting from scratch to have the vehicle re-coated, why not catch it before its too late? after your coating is a few years old it may start to thin out but it doesn’t mean its gone. We can perform a deep clean on the exterior and decontaminate the paint. Then we will polish the paint with a non abrasive coating primer such as Carpro Essence. This will prime the surface without stripping the existing coating. Once primed we can apply a fresh layer of ceramic coating to bring your vehicle back up to our platinum standard. This package will only take us a few hours and will extend the life of your coating so you get even more value out of our service.


*This is recommended to do every couple years, maintenance details can be done every six to twelve months to maintain your ceramic coating.