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We put people before profits and quality over quantity; that is the Pro & Local way.The following packages are for interior and exterior full service details. You won’t find wet seats, armor all, streaky windows or express detailing as an option here. Our certified professionals will utilize advanced methods and equipment, as well as spending the time needed to do the job correctly. That way you can trust that you’re being taken care of with us!

  • pH Neutral Decontamination Wash & Clay-bar Treatment
  • Wheels, Trim, Tires Clean & Protected
  • Durable Synthetic Wax on Paint
  • Leather, Glass, Hard Surfaces, Jambs Cleaned & Protected
  • European Steam Cleaning, Shampoo & Upholstery
  • Thorough Vacuum &  Optional Fragrance
  • Great Results, Happy Clients

Signature Full Service Detail - $450

The Signature is our most popular package. Is your vehicle in a desperate need of a deep cleaning? Do you consider yourself very obsessive compulsive and appreciate the attention to detail? If you said yes then this package would definitely suit your needs! Every surface is detailed to a showroom quality; Such as, meticulous steam cleaning of all surfaces, thorough fabric shampoo, heavy paint decontamination and cleaning to enhance your finish. We recommend leaving the vehicle with us for the whole day or overnight.

Add ons:

Paint Enhancement Polish$250

The Paint Enhancement is just that. It will enhance what is already there and get your vehicle looking great on a budget. The paint will not be corrected of scratches even though some  light scratches may be removed in the process. Rather, it is a light abrasive polish which will bring some life back to a dull or oxidized finish. The paint will pop and have a far more intense gloss than any traditional wash or wax can deliver. After the paint is lightly polished we will protect the surface with a synthetic polymer paint sealant. This should protect the paint for about 6 months.

Headlight Restoration$100

Are you having a hard time seeing at night or can’t pass state inspection? Your headlights are most likely yellow, foggy and oxidized. Toothpaste or the DIY kits are only temporary solutions and are not worth it. Having your headlights professionally sanded, compounded and sealed will give your vehicle a better cosmetic appearance as well as a safer, easier drive at night. We offer a one year guarantee on our headlight restorations. If your polycarbonate headlights fade again in the same year we will restore them again, free.

not all headlights are able to be restored. We only charge you if the lights are able to be restored.

Engine Cleaning$75

If you’re thinking of selling your vehicle or pop your hood at car shows the an engine detail will be a huge benefit. Not only will it look great, but it will help the vehicle sell faster and easier! The potential buyer will look under the hood and if they don’t see any leaves, dirt and the black plastics are clean then they will assume the vehicle has been well maintained. We use a combination of compressed air, steam and water based cleaners to perform our engine detail.

We reserve the right to decline an engine detail if we feel it is a risk to your vehicle or a liability. If the vehicle had major mechanical problems, leaks, oil spills etc we cannot detail the engine.