The first thing people will see is the exterior of you car, why not take pride in that? Proper protection of your vehicles paint is crucial to the over-all health and cosmetic look. The following packages are great to clean, protect and maintain your vehicles exterior. If you’re looking for scratch removal try looking at our Paint Correction packages For the best protection on your vehicles paint, check out our Ceramic Coatings

Shine & Protect$275+

Our Shine & Protect package is exactly that; gloss & durability. This is for a vehicle that is in need of a deeper cleaning on the exterior or just needs its yearly maintenance and protection. Your vehicle will get our famous three stage wash & decontamination process. This process will not only remove dirt & grime but break dust or ferrous metal particles. We also perform a clay bar treatment to exfoliate the painted surface to remove all the fine embedded contaminates that regular washes cannot remove such as pollution from the air, light over spray, tree particles, tar & bugs. Your wheels, trim, exhaust tips, glass and door jambs all get cleaned and sealant applied. Finally we apply our synthetic wax which will give your paint protection for up to six months!

Trim Restoration$150

Most plastic and vinyl trim restoring products on the market are made from oils and silicone that damage your trim over time. Our products are made of a silicone-free solution that uses natural oils, is VOC compliant, and won’t damage your trim! The Solution Finish trim restoration is a semi-permanent dye that is very durable

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Wheel Ceramic Coating$400

Because your vehicle’s wheels are the lowest part of your car, they are particularly vulnerable to damage from road debris. Furthermore, the spokes of your wheels are literally inches away from your brakes. This means that when your brake pads press against your rotors, the brake dust created can easily bond to your wheels. These factors make your wheels an exceptionally vulnerable part of your vehicle, and therefore an exceptionally good candidate for some protection. When brake dust bonds with your wheels, it is not an easy thing to remove. Often the washing techniques used to remove contaminants from other surfaces on your vehicle will not be sufficient to remove all the contaminants on your wheels. Moreover, wheels come with all kinds of unique shapes and curves, creating areas that can be hard to get to with a brush or wash mitt. This can make wheel cleaning time-consuming and frustrating. So if there is a product that will keep contaminants from bonding with your wheels and make them easier to clean, that product will end up saving you money and time over the life of your vehicle.

Having the wheels ceramic coated will keep them protected and make it so much easier to clean the break dust off.

Glassparecy Glass Protection$150

GlassParency is the professional installer’s choice of glass coatings in today’s market. Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings, GlassParency is chemically engineered to react to silica within the glass, creating a bond unmatched by the competition. It’s product attributes go beyond just a water repellency, making it ideal for any silica-based surface, in any climate or environment. In rainy, tropical or four season climate, you will experience the unmatched hydrophobic properties of GlassParency during rain storms. Water micro-beads and sheets off while you are driving, making it a safer experience for both you and your passengers. Night glare will also be significantly reduced, improving your visibility and reaction time. By treating your vehicle, ice will have a more difficult time gripping in the natural pores of your glass making removal a breeze. A GlassParency treated windshield will also benefit from faster defrosting times.