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Our goal is simple, we to listen to your specific needs and deliver. Building an exceptional level of trust and reliability is important to us. If you’re price shopping we are not a good fit for you! We are not a high volume express detail shop. We value quality, transparency & customer relationships over everything. Time is spent assessing your vehicle to figure out what service is best. We then explain our process so you know exactly what you’re getting. Pro & Local travels the country for industry events such as, Air Force One Detail Project, SEMA, Pebble Beach, Mothers Detail Team & Barrett Jackson. With a resume like ours you can be at ease knowing you’re in good hands. If you value quality work, and unbeatable customer service go with your local professionals.

Award Winning Service
We are extremely grateful to have been nominated multiple times and received two awards from the BBB. In 2017 we received the award for Marketplace Excellence for providing outstanding customer service, giving back to our local community, and offering a great work environment for employees. In 2019 we won another BBB award for Sustained Excellence! Year 2020 We were nominated for the IDA awards and we won Mobile Detailer of the Year! At the Southern Detailers Conference we won Detail Shop of the year for 2022! Paul Frasco won “Detail Person of the Year” award in 2023 at Mobile tech Expo. If you told us ten years ago that we would win 5 awards in seven years I wouldn’t believe it. Extremely proud and grateful to have been nominated and voted by my peers to win these.


Paul Frasco of Pro & Local Detailing inc. was a selected team member of the elite Air Force One Detailing Team 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022. The detail team cleans all eighteen of the historic aircraft the Seattle Museum of Flight. Some of the aircraft include, The Concord Alfa Golf, WWII B-29 TSquare, Blue Angels Jets, Prototype Boeing 747 & 787 and the Original Air Force One Presidential Aircraft


Selected for the 2018 McCall Motorworks Revival & The Quail Detail Team. We detail extremely rare & valuable vehicles for the Monterey car week & Pebble Beach. The vehicles can range from the worlds first McLaren, The last production model Koenigsegg Regera; to a one of two $30 Million dollar Pre War Bugatti. One of the most incrediable experiences and we are grateful for the opportunity.

Better Business Bureau Award Winners

We are extremely grateful to have been nominated multiple times and received two awards from the BBB.


From the moment cofounder and certified detailer and Paul Frasco and his business partner Chris Vella detailed their first automobile professionally; excellence was going to be their calling card. Our mission is to always pursue ongoing education in order to provide the most cutting-edge detailing services available to our customers; and to provide an unparalleled level of customer service focused on individual needs rather than an all-size-fits-all approach. Pro & Local operate their business with passion, integrity, and gratitude. Paul truly feels that his team consists of a rare group of professionals who look forward to coming to work on Mondays. They love what they do and as this presentation will show, we demonstrate that affection by how we treat our customers, our employees, our community, and through hands-on involvement in our industry nationally.

People always come before profits and we believe we have the best customers in the world. Our customers are like a family to us and we enjoy making them happy! Ensuring that every client has a wonderful experience and is completely satisfied with our services is part of Pro & Local’s core principles. We see ourselves as customer service professionals who just happen to also clean cars. We exemplify BBB standards for trust and that principle is integrated into our daily operating procedures. Our BBB accreditation, our positive customer reviews; our community outreach; and our reputation are points of pride. We honor all promised price quotes and appointments, and we respond quickly and decisively to questions and concerns; and respect the privacy of our customer’s information.

“integrity is how you act when no one is watching.”

We live by this motto and teach our team this concept. We believe this philosophy is imperative to long-term growth, morally the right thing to do and is the “Pro & Local way.”

Commitment to our clients:

Pro & Local has over 300 5-Star customer reviews. There are several ways in which we confirm our commitment to customers, the first of which is encouraging all of our clients to share as much information about their experience as possible, and we are not afraid of criticism. We look at any customer complaint as a gift. They are doing us a favor by letting us know we made a mistake. You don’t know what you don’t know so we cannot correct those mistakes or make improvements without this valuable feedback. We are always looking at creative ways to improve our services.

Many of our clients are referrals from other customers and if their search for an automotive detailer brings us up, our integrity and service are confirmed by what they read about us in these reviews, and of course having BBB accreditations help as well! In terms of customer service, we do not have a predetermined “sales pitch” to sell our highest priced services. Automotive detailing is not a one-size-fits-all business and customizing services for individual needs is more important that putting everyone into a predetermined box that might or might not fit their needs or budget. Listening is imperative. When you get a customer talking, it opens a dialog in which we can present them with options that fit their budget and their time. This helps them understand what they need and what it is in their best interest.

Sometimes when customers have difficult or severe problems like deteriorating paint resulting from environmental contamination, the remedy being something perhaps more than they were expecting or prepared for, we give them options and time to think about those options. Whatever they decide, they were able to make better-informed decision with confidence & trust in us. Also, we carefully manage customer expectations – especially if they have never had their vehicle detailed before or if they come to us with specific questions. This ensures that they do not overpay or buy a service they don’t need. This gives customers confidence in us.

We always follow up after the job is performed to ensure satisfaction. If there is an issue, my job as president is to go out and fix the issue immediately. We have a 110% satisfaction guarantee. We will compensate any mistakes with additional free services or even a random gift because we appreciate the opportunity to work for them.

Commitment to employees:

Paul Frasco learned a lot about management skills working for Enterprise Rent-a-Car for seven years. He admits that during his time at Enterprise, he had what he considers to be one of the worst and also one of the best bosses in his early career, and believe it or not, he admits to learning from both of them. Andy Taylor, CEO of Enterprise once told Paul, “Take care of your employees first, customers and profits will follow.” He has tried to follow in that vein ever since and as a result, he has learned how to train and supervise quality employees, and he learned how to keep them happy, productive, and engaged.

Pro & Local tries to create a work environment that is open and safe to share any problems with each other, and any concerns with or about customers. He does not micro-manage his team because he doesn’t have to. “Most people in the automotive detailing business love automobiles,” Paul says. “That means the work atmosphere shouldn’t feel as much like a job as just a whole lot fun for which they get paid!” Paul believes that perks like buying lunch for the whole team and providing random incentive bonuses for hard work is not just something he enjoys doing, but it goes a long way towards building teamwork.

All of Pro & Local’s technicians must go through a custom training program and eventually get IDA-certified (see more about the IDA under “Our Standing Within Our Industry”). Employees are tested on their knowledge about car paint and how the environment affects it; hands-on skills such as properly washing and drying a vehicle and machine polishing; and when employees have areas where they may be struggling, he sets aside extra time to review and practice those problem areas. He also trains in the areas of personal safety when using equipment, and he keeps SDS and OSHA information available for when needed. The team has monthly meetings to review company policies, procedures, and to set goals. Furthermore, Paul takes the Pro & Local team on company trips every year to Mohegan Sun, Celtics games, indoor go-karting, and even to Orlando Studios. These trips are fun, motivating, and restful.

Online, Paul has set up a private Facebook group where they share educational detailing videos; business ideas, and personal information such as family vacations, progress in the gym, and anything else they wish to share. Overall, Pro & Local promotes a healthy work – life balance!

Commitment to our community:

Being a small company does not stop Pro & Local Mobile Detailing from reaching out to and giving back to our community, and we have done so since our inception. We feel fortunate to be in business, to provide quality services to customers that need them, and in doing so, we get to fulfill our own passions not just for the business we are in, but for serving people. We have a deep regard for our customers and tremendous respect for our community and we understand that without them, we would not be here. For that reason, we have participated in and even initiated several charity events designed to do just that – give back to our community and say, ‘thank you!’

Our community involvement began seven years ago with our annual charity car washes at the Roberta Doering School in Agawam to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Because Pro & Local has experience through our professional affiliations and training to maintain and protect museum-worthy aircraft, including the original presidential jet Air Force One at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, we asked for the opportunity to do the same work on a pro bono basis for our New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks. Pro & Local is now the official detailers for that museum and we donate our time a couple of times a year to clean and detail select aircraft.

We were also able to introduce the first “Pro & Local Car Show” this past September, the brainchild of business partner, Chris Vella, who is a Sargent in the Air Force Reserves based out of Westover. Hosted at the American Legion post 185 in Agawam, we had 45 cars on display and raised over $400 in proceeds, 100 percent of which we donated to the Holyoke Soldiers Home. Although it was a small amount the first year, we are working hard to build up awareness in the community of the car show as an annual event, and we have set goals of drawing over 1,000 cars every year!

Finally, we are in the process of establishing a new community foundation called the “Pro & Local Foundation”, which we will be sharing next year that we believe will have a direct impact on others in our community.

Our Standing within our industry:

Pro & Local has discovered that the best way to affect change and ensure integrity in the automotive industry – especially the automotive appearance industry – is to get involved in it. Pro & Local co-founder Paul Frasco is a dually-certified member of the International Detailing Association (IDA), the only independent association created for, and dedicated to, detailing industry professionals. It promotes consistency in the industry and ensures that detailing customers are receiving the highest quality work available in that market. Chris & Paul hold an advanced Skills Validated (SV) certification with the organization, meaning they have passed challenging hands-on testing in the field for their abilities. Customers can rest assured that an IDA-certified detailer understands the value in professional detailing. Not just a certification but Paul gives back by being a part of the IDA board of directors as well.

Paul & Chris are certified members of the Detailing Success Network, an exclusive group of detailers around the country that have gone through a rigorous 5-day training program. Members of the Detailing Success Network have access to a private forum where they gain ongoing support, webinars and advice from members of the Network, and expertise from senior members of the group. Being a member of this group has led to Paul’s being selected the past two years for the prestigious Air Force One Detailing Team at Seattle’s Museum of Flight where he has helped preserve the original presidential jet Air Force One and dozens of equally historic aviation aircraft.

He was also on the Gordon McCall Motorworks Revival, The Quail & Pebble Beach Detailing Team at Monterey Car Week where he prepped dozens of multi-million-dollar car collections. He is on the Mothers Detailing Team for Barrett Jackson auto auctions, and a vendor for the traveling Motor Trend Auto Show. Paul has been featured in Auto Detailing News, auto industry podcasts, and has been written up in area newspapers and appeared on local newscasts.

In January, Paul was a featured speaker at the Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando. He hosted a marketing focused seminar at the tradeshow with a room full of his peers. As a big believer in ongoing education, he takes his detailing team to detailing clinics, webinars, and events every chance he gets. Ongoing education is imperative in the automotive industry in order to bring customers the most advanced services for their vehicles, and for him to stay apprised of new technology and improve the Pro & Local foundation.


Pro & Local Detailing is hosting their 2nd annual charity car show!
100% of money raised is donated to the Holyoke Soldiers Home for our veterans! All makes & models are welcome. Cost to enter your car is a donation to the charity of any amount you chose. There will be Food Trucks, Coffee, Drinks, Awards, and Raffle prizes.

Hosted by Pat Kelly of Lazer 993!
Food by Carrabba’s Italian Grille
Coffee By Circuit Coffee

Sunday Agust 25th 9am- 2pm
The Tank – 478 Springfield St, Feeding Hills, MA

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