Now that your vehicle is protected and ceramic coated, please follow our professional guidelines below. We have plenty of information to help you and if you have any questions please call us anytime. Also don’t forget to follow up with us in a month for your complimentary inspection to be sure the coating has cured 100%


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Important Info

Your vehicle has been in our care & the coating has had the chance to dry but it is still in the curing process, which can take a couple weeks to complete. During the first week we recommend no car washes or chemicals touch the paint. Try your best to keep the vehicle dry and warm the first 24 hours after picking it up. Parking in the direct sun is best. If it does get wet or cold, it won’t ruin the coating; the curing may just take longer. Nothing to be worried about though! Your vehicle has had a chance to fully dry in our shop and has the topcoat applied to add extra protection during the cure time.

Now your paint is protected with the best possible protection there is no need to wax the vehicle. Your coating will last for years, as long as you don’t have the car buffed, wet sanded because abrasion will remove the coating, but the coating won’t wear off naturally like a wax will. Follow the maintenance recommendations for best results


Maintenance & Aftercare

We recommend getting the vehicle detailed once or twice per year to get the best value out of your new paint protection. The interior being cleaned is optional but at least a deep cleaning on the paint is recommended. Especially after the New England winter!

It’s like going to the dentist for a cleaning. You can brush your teeth every day but going for a deep cleaning once in a while to the dentist is good for proper maintenance and health. Same idea for your new paint coating; You can wash the vehicle, but having us perform an annual deep clean will be beneficial. The coating doesn’t need to be re-applied but it does need a deep cleaning to keep performing the way it should. That will clean off any pollution and contaminates that will accumulate on your paint; that regular washes don’t always remove. Ceramic coatings are not bullet proof, scratches & dirt can still happen but the highly slick surface tension, low surface energy and hardness of the coating will dramatically reduce the chance of damage from daily wear & tear. By having the road film and contamination professionally cleaned off every year you will allow your coating to properly shed water, stay looking great, and last its full life expectancy or longer.

Maintenance plans: We offer monthly or quarterly maintenance detail plans at a discounted rate and is the best solution. You can do a maintenance detail for $200 which is an exterior wash/deep clean, surface decontamination and coating inspection. We apply a spray on top coat for extra protection and we also do any necessary touch ups if we see fit. Wheel cleaning with a light interior clean is also included. This job takes about 1 hour and we do have a waiting room at the shop. We also offer just an exterior hand wash for $95. The hand wash is seasonally offered winter-early spring and at the shop location only.

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Hand washing at home: This is perfect for weekly or bi weekly care. If washing traditional method you should use the two bucket method with one bucket used to rinse the wash mitt. We don’t recommend using brushes or chamois.

Carwashes: Drive thru brush car washes are off limits. They will abrade the surface and weaken the coating structure they will also scratch & swirl up the finish that you just paid us to repair, enhance and preserve! Its your vehicle and you can go thru them if you wish but we highly recommend against the drive thru golden nozzle style wash.

Touch-less Carwashes:  Touch free car washes are fine. We don’t recommend using them all the time because they use strong soaps & cleaners but once in a while is nothing to worry about. The coatings are chemical resistant and the carwash soaps wont remove the coating.

Most importantly, its time you enjoy your car! If you have any questions at all please call or text us anytime! Even if its just questions about washing, we’d rather have you ask first! No questions are stupid questions. We don’t want you to damage your paint finish! We care that your satisfied & it is now teamwork with the both of us to keep your vehicle looking its best! Again, any concerns or questions just let us know and thank you for your business!


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Warranty Information

Being a client of Pro & Local Detailing means more than just purchasing a product or service, its more than that. You are part of a family and we care about family. We are a local small business, not a huge corporation and we care about our reputation. Which is why we offer something many other detail companies do not; our in-house guarantee. Our guarantee covers, one hundred percent of your satisfaction and we have it here in writing. As long as you follow our recommended maintenance guidelines your ceramic coating will be guaranteed to last its intended life expectancy. Not following the maintenance program is neglect of the ceramic coating and we cannot honor our guarantee for a neglected vehicle.

As long as you bring in the vehicle for maintenance detail once per year minimum (since installation date) we can guarantee your satisfaction and ceramic coating performance. The ceramic coating should make washing easier with hydrophobic/hydrophilic water behavior on the surface. The vehicle is not going to be scratch proof but it will reduce the possibility of scratches and it will be significantly easier to keep it clean. As long as you have the ceramic coating you do NOT need to wax your paint, you just need to wash it. If there are any noticeable issues with your maintained ceramic coating, we will stand behind it one hundred percent. We see the long-term value in keeping our clients happy. Even if we have to sacrifice some labor and material costs to fix any issues, we will do it. We will take care of any issues with the ceramic coating, no questions asked. We want to make sure you got what you paid for and that you are completely satisfied with your Pro & local experience.

If you have any questions about the warranty please let us know!

  • In House Guarantee:  The information above describes our in house guarantee that we stand behind our work and have our clients backs! If there are any issues we will find a solution.
  • Manufacture Warranty: Depending on what coating you received; most of them come with a manufacture warranty. The warranty will cover material cost to re-apply a new coating incase it fails. (they may or may not cover labor expenses) This is beneficial if you move to a different state and we are not close enough to help you. You can contact the coating company to find a certified installer near you.
  • Transparent Warranty: These protection packages are reasonably priced and are usually between $89-$199. These coverages are backed by CNA insurance and cover any labor or material costs that may be needed that are not covered by your warranty.
  • Carfax: If you would like your ceramic coating added to your vehicles Carfax report just let us know and we can submit it. contact us for details.