The process of removing light to moderate scratches or swirl marks caused by carwashes or wear & tear. Abrasive compounds are used with dual action buffers to remove a small amount of clear coat to safely level the surface to the bottom of those scratches & paint gauge is used to measure paint thickness. Having this done will enhance the appearance of your paint & add value to your vehicle. This isn’t something that needs to be done more than once. Paint correction is a repair & restoration to the paint, not just a good ol’ “buff n’ wax”. We will take the time to review proper washing & maintenance afterwards to protect your investment.

One Step Correction$750+

The one step correction process means that the detail technician will remove as many paint defects, scratches, or swirls as possible while only going around the vehicle one time. Every vehicle has a different type of paint and the results may be different. On average a one step package will correct between 50-75% of the paint defects. You will notice a dramatic improvement of the paints color, gloss, reflection and clarity. Ideal for daily drivers; If you can live with a few minor imperfections in the paint but feel like it needs a big improvement then this package would be the right one.

Two Step Correction$1200+

If you’re driving a show car to Mark’s Classic Cruise or you’re just the more meticulous type and want your vehicle as perfect as possible then the two step process may be the right fit for you. The two step correction is a heavy compounding step to remove as many deep scratches as possible followed by a second final polish step. The final polish step will refine the paint to get it looking as best as possible within reason. As detailers we chase perfection but the true professionals know when to stop. Certain defects in the paint are to severe to be removed. Sometimes chasing every defect can remove to much clear coat and compromise the integrity of the paint job itself. Pro & Local has travelled the country to learn the proper process and it’s limits and be able to apply these methods to your vehicle for the best results possible. You can expect 95% defect removal with this package and 100% satisfaction.

Paint Enhancement Polish$500+

The Paint Enhancement is just that. It will enhance what is already there and get your vehicle looking great on a budget. The paint will not be corrected of scratches even though some  light scratches may be removed in the process. Rather, it is a light abrasive polish which will bring some life back to a dull or oxidized finish. The paint will pop and have a far more intense gloss than any traditional wash or wax can deliver. After the paint is lightly polished we will protect the surface with a synthetic polymer paint sealant. This should protect the paint for about 6 months.