Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions we get on a daily basis. We have separated into sections by the type of service we offer. of course you can always call or text us with any questions

PPF Clear Bra

How much is PPF and what can I wrap on my car?

With many variables going into pricing out the cost of clear bra film you can see that shopping around between shops can be very confusing. We understand this and are here to help you through the process of finding the right shop. We will begin by outlining the factors that go into pricing and how we adjust our costs according to your specific needs. You can wrap basically any panel that is painted on the vehicle of your car. This would include the hood, fenders, bumper, door jambs, quarter panels, roof, headlights, trim, door edges, and door cups. There are also films that can protect while altering the finish like matte ppf film.

How long does PPF last?

Paint protection film lasts years, but how long it lasts depends on how well you maintain the vehicle. Treat it just like paint, clean it with pH neutral soaps, wax (if coated just maintain) like you would with your regular paint and bring your car in every year for some maintenance detailing. We will help you maintain it. Most professional films have a warranty upwards of 10-12 years.

Can you put PPF on top of ceramic coating?

No, If you install PPF film on top of a ceramic coated panel there is a good chance the film may peel off. If the ceramic coating needs to be stripped off that is no problem at all. We are trained professionals and can properly prep the surface for paint protection film application.

Can PPF be removed?

Yes, if you need film removed we can remove it safely from your paint. An appointment is needed an there is an hourly charge to remove unless it is a warranty repair.

What does the warranty include?

If your film lifts, peels up or comes off that is covered and will get replaced free of charge. Although it really never happens; if the film has yellowing, cracking, blistering, and delaminating.

What if I get into a car accident and need the ppf replaced?

Contact your insurance company and we can provide any estimates or invoices needed. Your insurance company will reimburse you or cover the cost for the new film and ceramic coating.

How do I maintain the PPF film?

Wash with proper washing techniques and use automotive car wash soap. Do not buff or use string chemicals on the film. If you have any questions let us know. Make sure to bring the car in for annual maintenance inspections and cleanings.

Will the film change the appearance of my paint?

Generally no, the film can add a slight glossy look to your paint but most people don’t notice the difference. As long as the film is installed by a professional you won’t know it is there. We will wrap any edges where possible and get the film right up to edges that are not able to be wrapped. The film we use has little to no texture and looks amazing on paint.

How long does PPF take to dry?

We usually need the vehicle in the shop overnight or for a couple days befoe it can go outside. Film can take up to three weeks to fully cure. After installation you will see some moisture bubbles, stretch marks or tac lines. This is normal and a lot of this will go away with heat and time. Its part of the installation process when stretching protective plastic film over a vehicle with little to no seams. We have more information on this.

What is the self healing property?

When self-healing paint protection film comes into contact with heat, it will return to its lowest energy state, appearing to be smooth and seamless. Think of self-healing PPF like an ice cube. If you scratch an ice cube with your fingernail and then heat it up, the ice cube will return to its original state once again. Similarly, self-healing PPF will “heal” any dings or surface-level scratches if you wash it with warm water or leave your car out under the sun.


Ceramic Coatings

what is ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a protective layer of Si02 that physically adheres with your vehicle’s clear coat, providing far superior protection compared to a wax.  Ceramic coatings protect against the elements, bird droppings, bugs, acid rain, tree sap, sun fading, road salt, and helps reduce the chance of scratches. The thicker chemical-resistant coating, such as offered by Modesta, the more difficult for these types of contaminates to penetrate the paint surface.

Additional benefits include an incredibly deep gloss and ease of maintenance, resists dirt, where the surface remains cleaner for longer. With proper care and regular cleaning, your vehicle remains cleaner and ultimately contributes to resale value.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating VS. waxing?

Wax is similar to sunscreen for your paint. It will protect against UV rays, sun-fading and oxidation. It will give the paint a nice warm glow or glossy look. Wax will give some hydrophobic property but the problem is the durability. Wax will start to break down and evaporate in high heat temperatures in the summer, your freshly waxed car may only last one month if you’re lucky in a hot august. Even paint sealants or synthetic waxes will only last about 6 months with their added chemicals. With a ceramic coating you will only need to have this done once! You will never need to wax your car again. Ceramic coatings can last between 2-7 years depending on what type of ceramic coating you get and how you take care of it. Because the coatings are made of Si02, Silica, Quartz, and Polysiloxane they will cure and harden to a solid form. The coatings will last years because they are heat resistant up to 1000 degrees and chemical resistant. The only way you can strip the coating off is by compounding, wet-sanding or chemically stripping it with acetone. So you wont be able to wash away the coating unless you use paint thinner as carwash soap. The other benefit to coatings other than durability, is the hardness. Coatings are really hard when they cure. They are not going to make your car scratch proof but because of the high surfaces tension and low surface energy you top coat will help reduce the amount of scratches you will get or the severity of them. It will also make future scratch repairs easier and can save you a trip to the body shop.

How long until my car can get wet?

Whenever we release a vehicle it is fully cured and baked. This means the coating is safe to go outside. We do recommend you wait at least a week until exposing the finish to ANY soaps. Water from rain is okay, but no rinsing, washing, or waterless washing. We only recommend removing bugs or bird bombs within this time period. After a week you are safe to wash the car if needed and if you have any questions please ask us! We also have a page with Ceramic after care information here:  CERAMIC CARE

Water repellency has faded over time, is something wrong?

Over time, contaminants can build up and affect the coating. The good news is that a good wash with CarPro Reset on a regular basis will help avoid this issue. Also using Iron-X on a regular basis (monthly or bimonthly) can help avoid this issue. Topping your finish with CarPro Reload or Elixir will help revitalize and return the upper hydrophobic layer to its former glory.

My car got Simonize Glass Coat installed already, Can I still get a ceramic coating?

Yes, most dealership coatings are not of professional calibre and will most likely not last more than a year. Dealers are not invested in their detail departments like Detail companies are. If you want a ceramic coating you are better off choosing a professional detail shop (even if its not us) over a dealership. We can still ceramic coat over what the dealership installed, or we can easily strip it off before installing something better.


Mobile Detailing

When do you offer mobile detailing?

Mobile detailing is only available April thru November weather permitting. We don’t offer mobile service in the winter for obvious reasons. Detailing a vehicle outside in 20 degree weather isn’t going to come out that great. Products freeze and streak and theres to much rescheduling due to weather.

We do offer complimentary pick up and drop off service as well an uber ride back home if needed. We also have a nice lounge you can wait in if you prefer that.

Does mobile service cost extra?

Yes, there is a premium for the added convenience. There is an added mobile service charge based on how far away you are from the shop. This covers our travel time and fuel.

How far do you travel?

We will go anywhere if you are willing to accept the mobile service fee for that specific area. We have gone as far as Greenwich CT, Providence RI, and Boston MA

Can you do ceramic coating or PPF mobile?

No, these services need to be done at our shop where we have a climate controlled environment with appropriate tools and lighting.

Does my detail come out better at the shop?

Depends on what service, but sometimes yes. We have access to more resources and a better environment at the shop. Thats why we offer pick up and drop off service or complimentary rides. You also will save a few bucks by bringing the car to the shop vs. mobile service.

when can I expect you at my house or work for my appointment?

We have a two hour arrival window and we will keep you updated on our ETA before your appointment.



General Detailing

what exactly is detailing?

You’ve probably noticed that cars and trucks cost more today than they used to, and with financing sometimes reaching 72 months, that puts a great deal of burden on you, the car and truck owner, to take care better of your vehicle. In fact, buying an automobile is an investment, and most smart buyers know how important it is to protect that investment for as long as you own the vehicle.

Automotive Detailing is the art and science of protecting, maintaining, and restoring, a vehicle at the absolute highest level of care so that when you get ready to sell or trade it, you can get as much return on that investment as possible. We strive to clean your vehicle meticulously so it looks and smells as close to showroom quality as possible, and that includes revitalizing older, neglected vehicles, to give them renewed sustainability.

My car is brand new, Do I need a detail?

Contrary to popular belief, new car paint is far from perfect! Auto manufacturers use robotic painters that often leave thick and uneven paint. Then once your vehicle leaves the manufacturer, it travels by railway or freight where it gets dusty and stung by road and rail debris. More often than not, it sits in a railway or dockside storage area before being shipped to the dealership, and then it gets worse. Once it arrives at your dealership, it is manhandled by delivery personnel, mechanics, service department personnel, sales representatives, and numerous potential buyers! Yes, it may be shining when you drive it off the car lot, but few dealerships have a professional detailer and paint correction specialists on staff to provide the kind of perfection you deserve when you buy your vehicle. Usually an intern or part-timer gives it a quick wash and vacuum and sends you on your way. Some even run it down the street to a nearby automated car wash. In the perfect world, every new car buyer should make an appointment with Pro & Local on their way home from the dealership so we can give you a fair assessment of the paint, and immediately correct any imperfections, and, add a ceramic coating to protect it. Of course we don’t live in a perfect world, but you can always take steps toward it, right?

How often should I get my car detailed?

Our recommendation is to have your car detailed at least once a year, preferably twice a year. Once in the Spring, so your interior can be detailed thoroughly to remove grit and grime from the winter weather and the exterior can be cleaned to remove road salt grime. We then recommend a detail six months later, prior to winter weather setting in so your car can be protected against road salts. We often have seasonal packages.

How long does it take?

Most interior details take about two hours, an exterior detail can take 90 minuets, and a full service detail can take three to four hours on average.Depends on the condition of your car.

Can I Get a consultation?

Yes of course! No appointment needed, just stop in or call us. We do recommend calling or double checking our business hours so you don’t come by when we are closed.

Are you Insured and Certified?

Yes we have full coverage insurance from Hanover. We are in good standing with them for the last 7 years with no claims. We have over 2 million dollars of coverage for general liability, garage keepers and we are fully covered to drive your vehicle for our pick up and drop off service.

We also hold more certifications than most detail shops. We have done over 16 training classes from organizations such as: International Detail Association, Detailing Success, Meguiars, Ceramic Pro, Opticoat, Gtechniq, Carpro, Modesta, Simonize, Detail King, SB3, CAR products, FLEX, Glassparency, DuPont Registry, & more!

What is the right amount to spend on a detail?

This will depend on your vehicle’s size, condition and the package or service that meets the needs of your budget and your vehicle. We always offer a free one-on-one consultation so that we can evaluate your vehicle.

I have a chemical sensitivity, can you still detail my car?

Yes, we primarily use steam to disinfect and clean you vehicles surfaces. All of our cleaning chemicals are water based or soy based. The chemicals the have a strong fragrance or solvent based are optional and we don’t need to use those.

What forms of payment to you accept

We are easy! we accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, visa, master card, amex and discover. We also accept venmo or paypal. If it is a high priced job, we also offer financing from afterpay by square.