It's The Season

These packages are only available for limited times throughout the year. Don’t miss out on our specials, they only come once per year!

Spring Cleaning Package$295

Spring is finally here and its time to get that salt off and give the car its spring cleaning! We start with a pH balanced hand wash and undercarriage rinse to remove & neutralize any road salt. We follow that up with a paint decontamination and clay bar to get the paint smooth we also clean the wheels, door jambs and glass. After the paint is clean and smooth we apply our synthetic wax to give you at least 6 months of paint protection. As a bonus we wash your rubber matts, followed by a quick vacuum & interior wipe down. * if you have salt stains on the drive/passenger front compartment we can treat those stains as well.

Available March – May

Winter Prep Package$295

Winter is around the corner! Is your vehicle ready for it? Every season we put together a package to specifically protect your vehicle during the New England Winter. Your vehicle is washed with AMMO NYC Boost soap which will neutralize winter road salt, combats hard water stains by rendering harmful minerals inert, and leaves behind anti-rust corrosion inhibitors to deter future oxidation. We then perform an undercarriage rinse, IronX & clay decontamination. Once the vehicle is washed & dry we will seal the paint and wheels with our favorite synthetic wax, Opti-Seal which will protect for a few months. The windshield will get a glass coating similar to “Rain-X” and the interior carpets will receive a fabric coating to protect from future salt stains.

Available November – February

Hand Wash Service$95

Need a wash to get the salt off but don’t like going to the carwash? We use a pH Neutral foam to pre-soak your vehicle before using our advanced polymer wash. We then clean your exterior glass, wheels and door jambs. We finish with a spray wax that will protect your paint for up to 6 weeks

*This package is just a wash and does not include clay decontamination, tar removal or fine detailing. If your vehicle needs more attention, you will need a different package. This service is only available at our shop location and can not be done mobile or with our pick up/drop off service. 

Available Limited Times ONLY

The Lite Detail$195

If you are looking to have your vehicle cleaned by us and our top services are not in your budget, then we have a solution for you. The good news is we can still offer a “lite” cleaning. We do recommend always doing a more thorough detail, but if you just simply can not do it at this time, we can still help with this option. What is included is an exterior wash, and wheel cleaning, followed by an interior wipe down of hard surfaces, vacuum and glass cleaning. This cleaning takes about an hour and you could say its the “areas best express detail.”

*Some vehicles that are excessively dirty may not qualify for this option. 

Available January – March

Disinfection Service$295

As a service business, our number one priority is you, the client! We want you to be safe and having your vehicle properly cleaned & disinfected will help with that. Even though you’re probably staying home you still need to leave to make the essential trip to the grocery store. Every time you enter your vehicle you’re bringing in & taking away new germs or bacteria. We are offering a contactless sanitation service. Since you’re already home we can come right to you. Leave your key on the roof or unlock the car when we arrive and pay over the phone or with venmo/paypal. We will steam clean your interior to break down the dirt and grime. We then use a hospital grade peroxide disinfectant to clean the touch points of your car. (steering wheel, handles, seat belt, cup holders, buttons, arm rests, dash, vents, windshield etc) we finish with an ozone treatment to kill any pathogens in the vehicle.  although we can’t guarantee this will kill the Corona Virus, this method is recommended by the CDC for the most effective way to disinfect. We would love to help reduce some of your stress and you should feel safe inside your own vehicle.


Concours d’Elegance$3,000

Long before you can see the reflection of your seersucker suit in a car’s fender on the lawn at Pebble Beach, expert hands spent hours prepping the car for the show. Judges examine every minor detail at a major concours, so a regular detail service the night before the show isn’t remotely going to cut it. Extreme focus and vigilance are necessary to make sure a car is ready for the concours lawn. More than that, however, is that time and effort applied in the right places to make a car pop out from the rest of the pack and catch the judges’ eyes. The Concourse package is a highly extensive full service detail. This package gets the vehicle in better than new condition. Everything is preformed from paint correction, to engine cleaning, full interior reconditioning. In person consultation required for this package. The vehicle would need to be left for a week at minimum and will be Pebble Beach worthy when finished.